Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Inmates are running the Asylum... the phrase I associate most often with the situation in India in the aftermath of the gangrape and murder of the young medical student. While a city burns and a people rage, our leaders have sat and fiddled with the sort of indifference that even Emperor Nero would have been ashamed of. Elected representatives, heads of various bodies and religious leaders have all displayed the same levels of bewilderment in the face of what may yet be a significant event in the evolution of a collective conscience. As a leader, saying or doing something that is subsequently perceived by people to be the wrong thing is understandable. Ambivalence is not. 

Meanwhile, as the legal proceedings began, there was talk of denying the accused representation. This will only make a mockery of the judicial process and this terrible tragedy will be even sadder than it is now. Whether we like it or not, those men have a story which is also our story. It is imperative that we hear it.

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