Thursday, October 19, 2006

When one blog dies, another has to take its place, so here goes:

Introducing myself has often been a struggle since I arrived. While most people would get past the first obvious hurdle -that of pronouncing my name- they would inevitably stumble at the second. This of course would be the point at which I have just answered their question: "So where you from, Ajay?" Their vacant stares would be my cue to launch into my orientation speech, which I can now rattle off in my sleep. "In the west of the country, three hours drive from Bombay, about the same distance between Swansea and London..."

Lately, however, this process has become a lot easier, thanks to a certain Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. "Poona?" they ask me now, a flicker of recognition already passing across their faces.

"Yeah," I begin, "In the west of the country, three hours drive from..."
"I've heard of it, that's where Brangelina are, innit?" "Shooting a movie, yeah?"
"Yup," I say, "that’s the one."
"That's wicked man."

So, thanks are in order, I guess. To 'Brangelina' and the hundreds of paparazzi that have followed them all the way to my little hometown, three hours drive from Bombay. Alas, soon they will head off to Ulaanbataar or some equally random place, and Poona will go back to being the place no-one has heard of.

And I have to go back to cringing each time someone goes "Pooh...Nah?"

Yeah. Wicked, man.


Anonymous said...

ha lol
n ain't it pune?
not poona, get it rite lol

Anonymous said... could have always said you were from bangalore.....would have been so much easier!!