Monday, August 03, 2009

Cricket in the Sun: Sandford Park, 6:30 pm

So what is it about the old game that makes it such a welcome break from the dull monotony of everyday life and covers everything in a warm glow? I'm not sure. Has the monotony itself become so dull so that a break of any sort seems welcome? Possibly. But I doubt any other sport would have the same effect cricket does. Not for me.

Maybe it's because for just the briefest of moments I feel as though I'm back in India; that larger-than-life country where everything revolves around this larger-than-life sport. Because it makes me feel like I'm getting in touch with my roots. Somehow maintaining the bloodline. Or, perhaps it's because it's one of the few remaining links to my childhood. And playing it somehow feels like I'm re-acquainting myself with the boy I was 15 years ago whose face I can barely recognise. Running up to the crease with the wind in his hair, without a care in the world.

There is, of course, a third possibility. That I am simply romanticising it because I'm no longer that good. And I am forced to attach significance to what would otherwise be a pointless childish pursuit.

Ah well. Time for tea, lads.

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