Friday, August 18, 2006

On Leaving

The close-out plans have been laid,
The final changes have been made;
The lights in the office have begun to fade,
'What then?' whispered the voices in his head, 'What then?'

The last tasks have been assigned,
The remaining text boxes have been aligned,
His head's exploding, but he doesn't mind,
'What then?' is all he hears, 'What then?'

All his nightmares have come true -
Flak and criticism is all he drew,
Credit's never given where credit's due,
‘But what then?' asked the ghost again. 'But what then?'

The work is done, grown old he thought,
A jinxed project to near-perfection brought,
The wars of sleep and dissatisfaction have been fought,
But louder sang that ghost,‘What then?'

Inspired by 'What then?' by W.B Yeats

1 comment:

deepali said...

there will always be 'what then' moments...but then you really need to decide what happens then? :)