Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Boy Who Never Grew Up

There was once a little boy,
He grew up a little slow,
He didn’t do much thinking,
He just went with the flow.
And just what the fuss was all about,
He could never really know.

He didn’t bother with the details,
It wasn’t quite his style,
He would stop and listen though,
Every once in a while,
And looking at the world around him,
Would always make him smile.

He found it quite hilarious,
The way they went about,
“It isn’t worth it, people” he was tempted to shout,
Being Grown Up was just no fun,
Of that he had no doubt.

So when the people around him scurried,
And when the world around went wild,
When his Grown Up friends worried,
As the Grown Up problems piled,
Our little friend just stood and stared,
With the wonder of a child.

Part 2

That little boy I used to know,
He Grew Up after a while,
He slowly lost the ‘wonder’
And eventually, lost his smile.

He wasn’t like he used to be,
Being all Grown Up now,
He had quietly gone from boy to Almost Man,
But couldn’t remember how.

His heart had fallen silent now,
He listened only to his head,
He no longer lived for the moment,
But planned twenty years ahead.

He once was made of simple parts,
Which concealed a simple soul;
It was as if those parts had now combined,
To form a complicated whole.

I still look out for that little boy,
But I keep seeing this imposter instead,
And although I wish he was still around,
In my Heart I know he’s dead.


deepali said...

very nice :) cynical and not completely true, but nice.

Rajesh D said...

Extremely well thought :)
Need to put some analogies and metaphors

Este Miseria said...

part one reminded me of wordsworth's the idiot boy...sad that coming of age results in metamorphosis. maybe you should read blake's songs of innocence n experience to fully appreciate the point/counterpoint thing.