Friday, April 07, 2006

India- Tales from the City

The woman at the traffic light
Oblivious of her child's plight;
Empties her lungs into a balloon
That she will sell for two rupees.

Sooner or later she will run out of air
Sooner than later no-one will care;
And she will lie there surrounded by balloons
As lifeless and deflated as she is.


The little girl in the mid-day heat
Does handstands to the sound of a drumbeat;
Her innocence seems to keep the despair away
As she bravely chases a dream.

Her skills belie her tender age
She believes the whole world's a stage;
But soon there will be no-one to watch
And she will know that things aren't as they seem.

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deepali said...

This is nice. I think I have read this before. :)